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Stop the Spray rally Thursday at Ministry of Forests office

Stop the Spray BC will be hosting a COVID-aware rally Thursday at the BC Ministry of Forests Office in Prince George opposing the continuation of glyphosate spraying of local forests.

Canfor is in the process of renewing its pest management plan that designates high-biodiversity, fire-resistant native tree species including birch, cottonwood and aspen ‘pests.’ according to Stop the Spray BC, and which will be sprayed with glyphosate on their new cutblocks in vast areas around Prince George.

The pest management plan is open for comments but the actual plan is not posted online as this is not a legal requirement under the existing regulations. You must go in person to Canfor’s Prince George office to view it.

Comments may be submitted until November 10 and the plan comes into effect thereafter. Regardless of the public’s opposition, Canfor may proceed with its spray plans and will be authorized to spray any cutblock they want, even if there is no “pest” problem. The protest is organized to draw attention to the fact that citizens are disenfranchised from having any say over the ongoing contamination and poisoning of important vegetation in our public forests, says Stop the Spray BC.

“With Dr. Lisa Wood’s important research showing long-term contamination from forestry glyphosate spraying, and growing awareness about the fact these formulations aren’t tested by regulatory authorities, and with scientists imploring government to grow more mixed forests, it’s time the government listens to the science and the public’s demands,” said Stop the Spray BC spokesperson James Steidle.

“These are our forests and companies are given the right to broadcast spray every last recent cutblock with no requirement to leave patches of deciduous for wildlife or wildfire resilience.  They can spray 100 per cent of their cutblocks with only minimal buffers around fish-bearing waterways and they can spray even if it doesn’t need to be sprayed according to government standards.  We do not approve of this and neither should the government.”

The rally will be held at 2000 Ospika Boulevard Thursday, November 12 at 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.. Please wear a mask and maintain two metres of distance.  

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