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Quesnel RCMP investigate a one day crime spree and the detention of the suspect by a security guard

Quesnel RCMP are investigating multiple thefts and fraudulent purchases that occurred in one day in the city and the detention of the suspect by a security guard.

On October 29, a woman allegedly entered the GR Baker Memorial Hospital and stole a worker’s jacket, purse, and wallet. The woman apparently then attended a second business and stole another worker’s credit cards from her wallet.

Police say the woman then visited four businesses in Quesnel and made numerous fraudulent purchases using the credit cards belonging to both victims.

When the woman was making purchases at a business in the West Park Mall, the employee became suspicious and called security. When the security guard identified himself and tried to detain the woman, she attempted to run out of the mall.

The security guard grabbed the woman as she exited the door and a struggle ensued. The security guard held her on the ground until the police arrived.

“The police are investigating the actions of the security guard during the detention of the woman as well as the criminal activity leading up to the incident,” said Sgt. Richard Weseen, of the Quesnel RCMP. “The officers are gathering witness statements, surveillance video, cell phone video, and other evidence to ensure all investigational avenues are exhausted.”

Someone captured part of the incident between the security guard and the woman on a cell phone and posted the video to social media. The police are seeking the person who took the video, as well as a man who tried to intervene during the event, to contact the police.

If you witnessed this incident on October 29, 2020, and have information pertinent to the investigation, you are encouraged to call the Quesnel RCMP at (250)992-9211.

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