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Big Brothers Big Sisters launches Survivor raffle

Big Brothers Big Sisters is launching a new fundraising campaign that is designed for you to shop, support and survive. The Survivor Raffle is a great way for you and your friends to support proactive mentoring programs for children living in Prince George and throughout our region.

This elimination-style fundraiser invites tribes of four to test their luck over the course of five days to win the ultimate grand prize. Each day, between November 30 and December 4, names will be drawn at random and these participants will be eliminated from the competition. Tribes are not eliminated until every member has been drawn and removed from the running.

The winning tribe will be awarded an assortment of gift cards. The value of the gift cards depends on the number of tribes participating. The more tribes, the higher the value, as $100 from each tribe registration will be applied to the grand prize. Once all four tribe member’s names have been drawn and eliminated, this is the end of the road for your tribe in Shop, Support, and Survive.

“COVID-19 has resulted in a lot of organizations having to change their fundraising strategies, and we are no exception,” said Jane Gauthier, Community Development Coordinator. “We looked at a whole bunch of various raffle ideas but were drawn to this idea as we can have some fun, bring people together and invest our prize costs into various local businesses and truly support PG.”

Tickets are $200 for your tribe of four ($50 each) and there are only spaces for 100 tribes (400 total tickets printed). Your registration form and information about the fundraiser, including rules of play, can be fund at

Proceeds support Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring programs and draws start November 30. All ticket purchasers must be 19+. BC Gaming Event License # 127082

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