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Changing season means lots of changes of clothes

How can you tell the seasons are changing in Prince George?

For one thing, last week I wore four different coats as well as some combinations of coat and sweatshirt.

For another number of things, when I was out and about I saw some things anyone from the city knows happen at this time of year.

Such as seeing a driver come around a corner just a bit too fast, forgetting there may be some ice under that snow, and slide sideways into the second lane over.

Of course, they then usually overcorrect and come close to hitting the curb as they try to get back to the lane they originally wanted to be in.

I saw one fellow on Saturday who didn’t even bother with some of the niceties of the rules of the road. He came through a left-turn light (which I suspect may have already been yellow), started out in the correct lane as he made the turn, then slid into the other lane.

He drove in that lane for about a block, then apparently decided that since he was supposed to be in the other lane, he could move back into it without worrying about details like making a signal as he changed lanes.

Most of the drivers I saw the past few days, though, were slowing down a little bit in regular traffic, starting to slow down a bit coming to intersections so they wouldn’t slide into them, and generally being intelligent.

I also saw an event which was humorous because nobody was hurt, but could have been fairly bad.

I was on Fifth Avenue, heading east as I waited at the light at Highway 16. Three young ladies were crossing from the area by the Spruceland parking lot to the pedestrian triangle where the crossing lights were.

As they crossed that little portion of pavement, one of them lost her balance and fell.

Unfortunately, she was holding on to one of the others, and she also went down.

As they hit the ground, the legs bumped into the legs of the third girl, and she joined them on the ground.

All three scrambled up again quickly, and at least a couple of them appeared to be laughing about it, so I felt sure there had been no injuries, except possibly to the pride.

So whether you’re on four wheels or two feet, remember conditions may not be as they appear on the surface for the next several months in Prince George.

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