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COVID-19: Limits put on household gatherings

Social gatherings in private homes are now limited to your immediate household—the people who live in your home— plus a maximum of six other people. This is a province-wide order that applies to all homes for all occasions.
Similar to what happened this summer with vacation homes and rentals, health officials have seen a notable increase in new cases and transmission of COVID-19 as a direct result of social gatherings in private homes.
Remember, when you come together with family and friends, you bring your risks with you and, in turn, they take those risks back home with them again.
This is a critical time. We’re heading into cold and influenza season, and COVID-19 is still in our communities. The choices we make over the coming weeks will make a difference and will support our business and schools to stay open. Let’s choose to protect our communities and the ones we care for most.
The order will be posted online in full detail in the coming days here:

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