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Enbridge major sponsor YMCA of Northern B.C.’s Beyond the Bell program

YMCA of Northern BC CEO Amanda Alexander
YMCA of Northern BC CEO Amanda Alexander

The YMCA of Northern BC has announced a major sponsorship with Enbridge in support of YMCA Beyond the Bell.

YMCA Beyond the Bell is a 100 per cent philanthropically-funded program that provides academic support to low income and vulnerable children at Glenview Elementary, enabling them to keep pace with their peers.

The YMCA of Northern BC CEO, Amanda Alexander said: “It costs approximately $85 000 annually to operate this program. Our current funding ended in June 2020. We are grateful for the support of Enbridge so that we can continue this important program. We know that income is directly connected to health and education outcomes, so this program is changing the lives and future for children in our community.”

“Our focus is building a safe, sustainable and vibrant community for everyone,” said Rikki Beaudet Enbridge’s Community and Indigenous Engagement Senior Advisor. “That includes helping to break the cycle of poverty. We are proud to support YMCA’s Beyond the Bell program which fuels academic success and empowers every child in our community to reach their full potential.”

“It is support from individuals and businesses, like Enbridge, that allow us to deliver our mission of building healthy communities by ensuring that vulnerable children are not left behind,” said Alexander.

For more information, or to donate to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, please visit the YMCA of Northern BC website at

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