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Get out and vote Saturday

If you do you do only one thing tomorrow … make sure it’s getting out to vote.

That is, of course, unless you voted in the advance polls or mailed in your ballot, like hundreds of thousands of people seem to be doing this election.

Tomorrow is election day and tomorrow night we’ll know who will form government or, more likely, we’ll know that we’ll know a couple of weeks from now when the mail in ballots are counted.

Whether you voted in the advance polls, by mail, or plan to vote tomorrow, the important thing is that you voted.

Editorial writers often point to a multitude of places around the world where people don’t have the option of voting as an example of why we shouldn’t be complacent here and get out and vote.

But this year, we need only to point to the country that likes to boast it is the greatest democracy in the world and spent much of the last century trying to bring democracy, at least its version, to countries around the world … the grand old U.S. of A.

Democracy is under attack in the United States and, scarily, when the U.S. coughs, we catch a cold (or maybe COVID-19). We need only to look to the United States to see how important it is get out and vote. We’re not in as dire a situation here and the shenanigans in Ottawa this week deserve nothing more than an eye-roll, but for democracy to survive, we have to vote.

Here in Prince George we have lots of great choices on the ballot. Whether you’re in Prince George-Valemount or Prince George-Mackenzie, the choices are tough because we have great candidates in both. You don’t have to vote for a party you don’t like because you don’t like it less than the others. Take a look at who you think will best represent your issues in Victoria … you won’t be disappointed in the choices before you.

And, if you’re not planning to vote this year … smarten up. Get out and vote.

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