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Dee Kranz running for Christian Heritage Party in Prince George-Mackenzie

Christian Heritage Party candidate Dee Kranz.

Dee Kranz is the Christian Heritage Party candidate in Prince George-Mackenzie.

She moved to Prince George in 1986 and worked as a registered nurse at the University Hospital of Northern B.C. for more than 20 years and has worked as an independent businesswoman for 15 years.

“This community has given me a place to raise my family, and now I have time to give back,” she said in her candidate profile. “Honesty, integrity, and the prosperity of northern communities are what I am most passionate about, and I look forward to serving you.”

She is one of five Christian Heritage Party candidates running across the province. The Christian Heritage Party espouses “family-friendly, taxpayer-friendly, democracy-friendly and justice-friendly policies.”

Those policies include ending “the practice of taxpayer-funded B.C. Schools being used to promote social engineering regarding human sexuality, sexual orientation, etc. … The widespread promotion of ‘anti-bullying’ as a strategy to promote alternate sexual and family models will be abandoned. All students will be protected from all forms of bullying, including pressure from teachers and peers to conform to new standards of sexual labelling and attitudes. A CHP-BC Government will promote a high standard of conduct for all students and teachers including positive references to abstinence, chastity and marriage.”

The party also believes there has been “corruption, confusion, and a cover-up” when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic and that Canada should have closed borders with China from the outset. The party has called for the resignation of Canada’s Medical Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam.

As the local all candidates forum Kranz questioned the efficacy of wearing masks.

The party also dismisses climate change.

“The Christian Heritage Party of BC recognizes that the world climate is subject to change,” according to its policy manual. “However, we believe that the causes behind measurable climate changes are complex and involve primarily natural events and cycles. We do not believe that carbon emissions are the primary cause of climate change. A Christian Heritage Party of BC government will not waste taxpayers’ money on the futile effort to stabilize the climate by artificial controls of carbon either by carbon taxes or carbon credits. Instead, we will concentrate our efforts on fighting real pollution and on developing alternate sources of energy in order to reduce our dependence on the limited supply of non-renewable fossil fuels.”

British Columbians go to the poll October 24. Kranz is running against incumbent Liberal Mike Morris, NDP candidate Joan Atkinson, Green Party candidate Catharine Kendall, and Libertarian Raymond Rodgers.

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