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Raymond Rodgers runs for Libertarian Party in Prince George-Mackenzie

Libertarian Party of B.C. candidate in Prince George Mackenzie Raymond Rodgers.

Raymond Rodgers is the Libertarian Party candidate in Prince George-Mackenzie.

“After seeing the division mainstream parties not only create but thrive on, I saw that someone needed to stand up and show the province there is a path forward that includes all people not just the wealthy and those whom influence a party with the most fiscal donations,” he said in his candidate profile. “I have always been frustrated by partisan politics and can say I have only ever voted for independents.”

The BC Libertarian Party was founded in 1986 advocating for individual liberty, lower taxes, free markets, and social tolerance.

A journeyman electrician by trade, Rodgers believes voters in the region will cohere with the pillars of his platform which specifically include ending the ICBC monopoly, eliminating carbon and gas taxes, and provide more schooling choices.

British Columbians go to the polls October 24. Rodgers will be trying to win the seat against incumbent Liberal Mike Morris, NDP candidate Joan Atkinson, Green candidate Catharine Kendall, and Christian Heritage candidate Dee Kranz.


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