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LifePak15 helping save lives in rural and remote communities

Heather Walsh, Patient Coordinator, UHNBC

Access to timely healthcare continues to be a challenge in northern BC. When COVID‐19 reared itself earlier this year, a 24/7 response team staffed with critical care nurses to assist in the timely transfer of patients was formed through the collaboration of BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) and Northern Health.

The Northern Regional Emergency Response Team (NRERT) went live April 27 and is able to take over the provision of care which allows rural physicians and nurses to remain in their communities where they need to be, instead of utilizing valuable community based resources to transfer patients.

Many of these patients are transferred by aircraft and this poses many challenges including limitations on equipment weight and size, as well as strict Transport Canada regulations. Originally they were able to borrow a Lifepak12 Cardiac monitor and defibrillator from UHNBC, however the model was outdated and replacement parts and batteries were no longer available. RBC Foundation and RBC Wealth Management provided partial funding towards the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation’s purchase of a new LifePak15.

This state of the art equipment enables team members to monitor high acuity patients in transport through enhanced means due to its additional monitoring capabilities. The LifePak15 has already been deployed on several successful transfers since its arrival.

“At RBC, we know that our employees, clients, and community partners join us in thanking the Northern Regional Emergency Response Team, (NRERT) for their essential work. We want them to know how much we appreciate the care they give to transport patients, and by extension, our communities.” said Robyn Holling, Vice President Commercial Financial Services, BC North. at RBC.

“Thank you to the RBC Foundation and RBC Wealth Management for their generosity in providing funding towards this much needed piece of equipment. For residents and those travelling to rural areas of northern B.C., health care is much better because of their contribution.” Judy Neiser, CEO Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.”

If you too would like to support the COVID19 #safeathome Fund, they welcome the opportunity to work with you on any area or region you choose to support.

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