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Play a trick on COVID-19 this Halloween, take the Candy Cruise

There will be family-friendly, safe, fun, and pandemic-friendly Halloween alternative in Prince George October 31.

Candy Cruise Prince George is staging the event, which is also designed to help this year’s Halloween be the biggest, best, and most over-the-top Halloween Prince George has ever seen – this is not a ‘second best’ option due to a pandemic – it’s simply the best option period.

The event will feature a drive-through style format. This means that families can get dressed up, get into their vehicles, and drive through each of the 10 hub locations spread out around Prince George. Each hub location will feature a minimum four to six partner organizations, each organization will have their own drive-through ‘booth’ and will be handing out treats directly to your vehicle’s patrons through the windows in a safe and Health Authority approved manner. Every partner organization will have a ‘booth’ that is decorated and designed to give a special and unique Halloween experience.

Event commander and Halloween fun-gineer Dave Horton said: “It’s about being creative, having fun, doing something to promote some of our great local businesses, and most importantly it’s about making sure that Prince George has a safe option for all the kids who want to trick or treat this year. The goal of this event is nothing more than getting candy into kid’s hands in the safest way possible and to create great and unique memories on Halloween in a year that has been nothing but normal.

“We are asking for Prince George to show up in droves – so pile your family in the car and come through all 10 of our hub locations spread out throughout the city. Each hub location will have a minimum of four to six vendor booths. Let me be clear … We are prepared for thousands of families to come out. Currently, we have over $40,000 worth of candy set to be doled out, and we expect that dollar figure to climb as more organizations come on board and more donations come in.”

Instead of purchasing candy to hand out at your household, event organizers are asking the public to make a monetary donation towards the event. Donations will go towards helping provide the events partner organizations purchase the treats needed to hand on Halloween night, as well as help cover other limited operating costs to run Candy Cruise Prince George.

“Donations are going to really help us make this thing happen,” said Horton. “We have hard costs like insurance, signage, PPE, and other safety materials, but then we are also trying to make the event as accessible as possible for local organizations. For example, if a local business wants to come onboard, #CandyCruisePG but has been hit hard due to COVID-19 and can’t afford to purchase the candy necessary to be a vendor, we want to be able to utilize donations to help the organization be a part of this great event.”

Any donations remaining after the event expenses are covered will be evenly distributed among the events three partner charities – Big Brothers Big Sisters Northern British Columbia, Ness Lake Bible Camp, and the Prince George Child Development Centre. Event organizers are stressing the purpose behind the event is to create a safe and outrageously fun and over the top option during the ongoing global pandemic.

“This event was born out of what I feel is a necessity,” said Horton. “We know door-to-door trick-or-treating won’t and shouldn’t look the same as usual this year. We need to keep in mind that sending our kids up to random households might not be the safest option for them, our families, or for the folks whose doorbells they’ll be ringing. We have been working with Northern Health, the provincial government, the RCMP, and other authorities and they’ve all been clear that the best way to keep our community safe and help keep the risk of spreading the virus low is to keep contact low, brief, and clean. That’s why we are doing all the research, we are taking all the necessary steps, and we are preparing all of our partner organizations to distribute their treats in the safest way possible, while still creating a fun and memorable Halloween experience.

“If you make yourself believe that Candy Cruise is second best or lame – then it will be for you and your kids. But if you want to step out of the box and open your mind up to the possibility of what the event can be and will be, we promise you and your kids will have a great Halloween. Our partner organizations are truly working their butts off to put on great displays, great costumes, unique effects, and hand out plenty of treats. So, in a year that has been anything but normal, why not come out and try something new.”

Hub Locations Include:

  • – Canadian Tire
  • – Halloween Alley @ Brookwood Plaza
  • – PG Rock and Gravel Ltd.
  • – College of New Caledonia (CNC)
  • – Second Cup Coffee Co. @ Parkwood Mall
  • – Northern Lights Estate Winery
  • – Hart Shopping Centre Mall
  • – Blackburn Community Centre
  • – Prince George Cougars @ CN Centre
  • – Interior Warehousing Ltd.

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