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NDP name Laura Parent as candidate in PG-Valemount after rejecting Jon Duncan

Laura Parent

The NDP has named university student Laura Parent as its candidate in Prince George-Valemount after apparently ditching lawyer Jon Duncan.

Parent, a 21-year-old political science student at the University of Northern British Columbia, was also the campaign manager for NDP candidate Heather Sapergia in the 2019 federal election and volunteered for candidates Natalie Fletcher in Prince George-Valemount and Bobby Deepak in Prince George-Mackenzie during the 2017 provincial election.

She also shared the stage with MLAs Shirley Bond and Mike Morris when replacement of Kelly Road Secondary was announced on the eve of the 2017 election as the student representative for the school.

Parent’s naming as the candidate comes after Duncan’s candidacy was apparently rejected by the party.

“Apparently, the decision was made in part due to comments I made on Facebook a long while ago suggesting that I was opposed to the no fault insurance system now legislated by the NDP government,” he said in a Facebook post. “In fact, I had very early on suggested a middle of the road compromise between the current system and the proposed no fault system, believing that the best solution for BC was to allow people the opportunity to choose either system (much like they do in Saskatchewan).”
Duncan says he was told his post might be an embarrassment for the party and that the decision was hurtful.
“The decision it seems unduly harsh given that:
1. We live in a democracy where we believe in the free exchange of ideas,
2. I expressed my opinion about no fault as a private citizen not as a member of the NDP government, and
3. Notwithstanding my original opposition, I had determined to support the NDP position moving forward given that the measure was now law and the debate had concluded.
4. I fully support John Horgan as premier and believe he and his government have acted in the best interests of BC during his time as premier.”

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