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OPINION: Too many left behind in Trudeau’s Throne Speech

Prince Geoerge-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP Bob Zimmer Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services
Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP Bob Zimmer 


Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP 

I was in the House of Commons when the Governor General unveiled the Liberal’s Speech from the Throne on September 23.

Throughout the speech I was listening for any signal that the Liberals would be supporting our natural resource sector as we try to climb out of the massive debt we now find ourselves in. Sadly, this Liberal government still doesn’t seem to understand that we pay our bills in this country with our resource development and, not surprisingly, there was barely a mention of the resource sector in the Throne Speech.

What they do seem to understand is implementing more firearms laws that target law-abiding firearms owners. Included in the speech was a commitment to give municipalities the ability to further restrict or ban handguns.

This, despite the fact that experts have said all along that blanket bans won’t work and that the best way to make Canada safer is to tackle criminals and gangs who use illegal weapons to commit violent crimes.

Also concerning is the commitment to protect 25 per cent of Canada’s land mass and 25 per cent of Canada’s oceans in five years. Our region already has experience with the caribou closures and the potential negative impact it will have on our local economy. What affect will closing a quarter of our oceans and lands have on our national economy?

As a conservationist, my question is also, protect from what?

Does this Liberal government truly believe recreational anglers are a danger to our waters and shores? I know nothing could be further from the truth. These closures will prevent recreational fishing when anglers are our most dedicated conservationists who volunteer their time and expertise to supporting our public waters and rebuilding our salmon populations in British Columbia.

The prime minister had the opportunity to lay out a plan to help the millions of Canadians who are struggling. Instead he left Canadians behind once again.

There is nothing new in the Throne Speech to help Canadians worried about their health, their loved ones, their jobs, and how they are going to pay their bills through the winter.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole made it clear when he had his first call with Justin Trudeau that he must address western alienation and national unity concerns. By failing to even mention these issues, Justin Trudeau has failed Canadians and made it impossible for Conservatives to support his Throne Speech.

The bottom line is that we need to get our economy moving again at pre-COVID levels, while also respecting the measures in place to help mitigate the virus. Canadians don’t want hand outs. They want to get back to work. We need to do everything we can to make that happen.

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