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From spring to fall in one easy step

What happened to summer?

I mean, I looked at the calendar a day or two ago and it said it was the first day of fall. Well, one of the calendars I looked at said that. The other said it was the first day of autumn.

It’s so strange. Fall is usually a pretty depressing time of the year, so how come it gets two different names?

Back to the point, though, what happened to summer? I mean we had a couple of nice days here and there but we also had rain (lots of rain), wind (lots of wind) and other things like smoke (lots of smoke).

Thankfully, partly because of the rain, we didn’t have a lot of forest fire trouble in our area. I thought a few times over the last couple of months about what would have happened if we had a fire season like the one a few years ago where we got all the evacuees. How would we have handled that in the middle of COVID-19?

Saturday was quite an interesting microcosm of the past few months. There was rain, and a lot of it, but at one point I was less concerned about the water coming down and more concerned about the water going up.

I was heading downtown on Massey Drive when, just past the intersection with Carney Street, I noticed what looked for a second like a nice water fountain in the other lane going the same direction I was.

As I got a little closer, I realized it was not a beautiful work of art, like a fountain, but something much more like a geyser, going probably 10 feet in the air.

I drove by and, as I was heading up the slight uphill slope to the underpass, I noticed reasonably large quantities of water on the pavement.

The only thing I did after getting by there was make a mental note to avoid that area for the rest of the day. I heard a bit later on the radio that the area was in fact now blocked off, which did not surprise me in the least.

And after all that rain in the morning and early afternoon, by the evening it was actually rather pleasant, and on Sunday morning there was this strange yellow orb in the sky.

So maybe, since we didn’t get summer this summer, we’re going to get summer this fall (or autumn).

I can hope, can’t I?

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