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Green leader says Horgan putting politics ahead of people with election call

When Sonia Furstenau became leader of the provincial Green Party last week, she said Premier John Horgan had a duty to govern, not play politics and call a provincial election.

Today, with the election call officially made, Furstenau says Horgan  is choosing the pursuit of political power over the health and safety of the people of B.C.

“As British Columbians are continuing to make sacrifices due to COVID-19, Horgan is choosing his own political fortunes over doing his job to serve them,” said Furstenau, in a news release. “There is no legitimate justification for this election. The premier has a stable government. I met with him on Friday and made it clear that we were willing to continue to work together in the best interest of British Columbians. This election call is blatantly about the NDP seeing an opportunity – even in the midst of a pandemic – to put their own self interest ahead of yours.

“For the next month, his ministers will be on the campaign trail instead of working with the Provincial Health Officer to manage this pandemic, which as we know changes daily.  This is politics at its worst. At a time when we need people to trust that we are working together on their behalf, the NDP has thrown out the window the cooperation that has seen B.C. chart a positive course in the pandemic.”

Horgan also broke the Confidence and Supply Agreement the NDP signed with the Greens in 2017.

“For three years we have worked in good faith with this government to push for policies that will make our province stronger. The B.C. Greens have driven many of the significant gains, such as the Clean BC climate policy, banning big money and early childhood education and child care. Right now, people are worried about their health and safety, the cost of living and the stability of our economy.”

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