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British Columbians going to the polls October 24

British Columbians will be going to the polls October 24.

Premier John Horgan met with Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin this morning and shortly after 11 a.m. announced the election. The election will be in the midst of a pandemic. Horgan said the election will give the province a clear direction on how to deal with the pandemic. Holding the election next fall will put the province through a year of “hectoring” and politicking, he said.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything — the people of British Columbia deserve a say in the direction of our recovery and the future of our province,” he said.

From his community of Langford, Horgan spoke about his decision to call an election and his government’s record during its first term. The BC NDP minority government lasted over three years, much longer than most minority governments.

“We’ve made a lot of progress for people over the last three years. We invested in healthcare and schools. We build transit, housing and childcare centres. We eliminated the MSP — the largest middle-class tax cut in BC history — and during this pandemic, we kept people safe while staying focused on what matters,” Horgan said.

“The BC Liberals are pushing for changes that benefit the wealthy and well-connected—at your expense. We have a plan to keep you safe, and to make life better and more affordable for people. We’ve accomplished a lot on what matters most to people, and there’s a lot more work ahead of us.”

Horgan also addressed how this election will have additional public health measures informed by the Provincial Public Health officer to ensure the safety of everyone.

“Like a lot of things these days, this election is going to look different than previous ones. I know we can do it safely,” Horgan said. “There will be new opportunities for people to vote in advance or by a mail-in-ballot from the comfort of their homes.”

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