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Unmasking the mask issue

My take on the COVID-19 mask dispute is fairly simple.

If you want to wear a mask at all times, you have that right.

If you don’t want to wear a mask at all, you have that right. There will be some places you won’t be allowed to enter because they require a mask, but you can always find somewhere else that doesn’t require a mask.

The biggest thing to remember is you don’t have any more rights than the next person.

I will say I have seen a few people in the last little while who seem to have a bit of trouble with the mask concept. I think I’ve mentioned before about people who seem to feel the mask makes them invincible, so they can step off the sidewalk into traffic without bothering to look for oncoming traffic.

Here’s a tip: The mask is designed to stop viruses, not vehicles.

I have also seen a couple of people who I’m guessing are in the habit of taking the mask off when they’re in their car and wearing it whenever they leave the vehicle.

The problem comes when you forget where you are. I saw one man pull into a parking lot wearing a mask as he drove in, park, get out of his car, and take his mask off before going into the store.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think that’s the standard operating procedure.

The high point for me, though, this week with people and masks was a woman in Save-On Foods. She was wearing a mask as she pushed her shopping cart up the aisle, being polite and keeping to one side so there was room for people to pass going the other way.

Then she stopped in the middle of the aisle, reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out her cellphone, which had obviously just beeped or honked or vibrated or whatever.

She looked at the display to see who the call was from, obviously decided it was someone she wanted or needed to talk to – and pulled the mask down so she could chat more easily.

My own personal take on masks is I will wear one if I am in a place where I will be in close contact with people from outside my social bubble on an ongoing basis. In other words, if I’m chatting with a couple of friends from my social bubble, I don’t wear a mask.

If I was chatting with a couple of people who weren’t from my bubble, I would probably put on a mask unless there was enough room at the table or whatever to maintain physical distancing.

I hope in a few months the whole point of masks will become moot, but there’s no way of knowing.

We all just have to stay safe the best we can.

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