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Spirit of the North provides Mackenzie with a transport ventilator system

Dr. Colin Mackenzie, Dr. Matt Robichaud, Dr. Andy Hamilton and Dr. Daniel Penman. Photo Courtesy of Mackenzie Healthcare Services

Although Mackenzie would be considered in most aspects short distance away, when transporting a patient, it can be a matter of life or death without the aid of a transport ventilator. These patients are often unable to breathe on their own or their breathing is severely compromised and hand-bagging is required the entire duration of the trip to the nearest healthcare facility.

This is not optimum as the quality of the respirations are inconsistent, especially for up to two hours in the back of an ambulance. Dr. Daniel Penman accounted many times where this was in fact the situation endured for his patients in order to provide successful transport for patients from Mackenzie who required treatment at UHNBC.

“Thank you so much, this is excellent,” said Dr. Daniel Penman, MD, CCFP, Chief of Staff Mackenzie and District Hospital upon learning that they now have such a unit. “My patients and my forearms greatly appreciate this as bag ventilating for hours on end can be quite taxing.” 

At a cost of close to $35,000 Spirit of the North Healthcare was grateful for $10,000 from Enbridge to support for this unit. Generous donors from the Mackenzie area supported the remainder of this purchase through donations to the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation. On average at least one to two patients a month are being transferred. This equipment is suitable for both pediatric and adult patients who are in respiratory distress and need to be transferred to UHNBC.

“We are grateful when our Donors, both corporate and individual think long term and contribute generously to solutions that will have lasting impact for patients in the North,said Judy Neiser, CEO for Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.

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