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Filming begins on Grace Dove’s directorial debut

Filming begins on Kiri and the Dead Girl.

It was announced today that Moonchildren Films and Kadence Productions are starting production on their film Kiri and the Dead Girl. The short film, which received a $100,000 grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, is the directorial debut of Indigenous actor Grace Dove from Prince George. Dove is best known for co-starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in the Oscar-winning film The Revenant and can be seen in Netflix’s How It Ends and The Order. Dove also recently wrapped up her first leading role in the feature film adaptation of Eden Robinson’s novel Monkey Beach, which is set to be released this year.

Grace Dove

The film, which stars Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Taken) and Barbara Patrick (Supergirl, Molly of Denali), is based on the experiences of Tlingit artist Kiri Geen and centres on how, with the help of spirit and animal guides, she reconnected and reclaimed her heritage after being adopted. Told as a fairytale, the story begins after the death of young Kiri’s Tlingit mother and follows her as she tries to find connection while attending a pow wow to honour her mom. The film also features Kiri Geen, Nathaniel Arcand, Valeria Oliver, Patsy Tuba, Harriet Prince, Ray G. Thunderchild, Azéza Youngchief-Portillo, Fawda Bullshields and the on screen debut of Isla Grant as Kiri.

Kiri and the Dead Girl is written by Christopher Logan, directed by Grace Dove (The RevenantThe Order), produced by Kiri Geen, Christopher Logan, and Ken Shapkin, with cinematography by Stirling Bancroft csc (Freaks, Monkey Beach). The film boasts a largely female crew and female department heads including: Grace Dove (director), Margot Ready (production designer/associate producer), Carmen Thompson (costume designer/associate producer), Sabrina Pitre (editor), Natalye Vivian (casting director/associate producer), Elena Miller/Kara Alaric (MU/hair), Janice Liew (script supervisor), Lori O’Connell (stunt coordinator). The diverse crew also has Indigenous artists in every department from locations to producer.

Kiri and the Dead Girl is an independent short film production which will be filmed in and around the Maple Ridge area of British Columbia. The five day shoot will take place  September 4-8 and has a COVID-19 Safety Plan approved by ActSafeBC, WorkSafeBC and UBCP.

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