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City to look at opening walking track at CN Centre

Mayor Lyn Hall
Mayor Lyn Hall

City staff will take a look at possibly opening the concourse at CN Centre for winter walking programs.

The arena, along with Rolling Mix Concrete Arena, are popular venues for walking when the weather turns ugly.

At the urging of Mayor Lyn Hall, after a meeting with the Council of Seniors, staff will look at what protocols are needed and what the costs might be.

“The concern they brought forward was very legitimate regarding their inability, probably by late-October, early-November to have a location, as they’ve had in the past, for secure safe walking,” said Mayor Lyn Hall.

Previously, there were four indoor walking options available throughout the city during winter months. These included the Northern Sports Centre, Pine Centre Mall, and two city arenas: RMCA and the CN Centre. At present, both the CN Centre and RMCA remain closed due to the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I do think it’s an essential program in our city during the winter months for anyone over 50-ish,” said Coun. Terri McConnachie. “OK, for anyone really. The ice does make it tough for anyone to get out and get your steps in.”

A staff report presented to council suggested that re

“I think opening up our walking track is going to be incredibly important during our winter months,” said Coun. Cori Ramsay.

The CN Centre provides the ability to allow ice usage and walking at the same time, to a maximum of 50 people in each floor space – ice level and concourse, according to the report. Staff require approximately four weeks to prepare an indoor walking service.

The process for walking would be the same as registering for swimming; however, at no charge.

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