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A great big hug from local aviators

Look up, look way up, . . .

No, it wasn’t the Friendly Giant I was craning to see Saturday afternoon from the balcony of my apartment. It was the Regional Air Hug, presented by the Vanderhoof International Airshow.

They couldn’t put on the show because of COVID-19, but organizers rounded up about 20 planes of various shapes and sizes to do flyovers of the area (as I understand it) between Vanderhoof, Prince George and Fort St. James.

I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to see from my place because I didn’t know the exact route they would be taking over the city. I also wasn’t sure how high they would be flying over us, but I was pretty sure they weren’t going to be at tree-top height.

The last information I had was they were leaving Vanderhoof at noon and figured on being over Prince George around 12:30. So at about 12:20, I went out on the balcony with a book and read for about 20 minutes.

No planes.

I went back inside, made sure the windows were open so I would be able to hear them (with any luck), and started doing stuff on the computer.

Around 1, I heard a loud roar from outside, went to the balcony and looked up.


That was when I realized the noise was coming from outside at the front of the apartment. I went over, opened the door, stepped out onto the walkway, and looked up.


I now realized the sound was actually coming from Tabor Boulevard, which passes close to my apartment, and was actually an apparently unmuffled truck going by.

I went back inside and resumed work on the computer. About 1:20, I heard somewhat fainter engine sounds, and headed back to the balcony.

I looked up.

There was a plane there, high in the sky. Then I saw another one, not that far ahead of the first one. I looked further ahead and saw three or four more planes close together.

They were so high I couldn’t tell if they were a Piper Cub or a Boeing 767, but at least I could tell people I saw part of the Great Regional Air Hug.

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