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As pandemic endures, three-in-ten Canadians say restrictions in their own province don’t go far enough

The ongoing battle against the spread of COVID-19 is unceasing for provincial governments across the country. For months, they have walked the wobbly tightrope of trying to ensure the health and safety of citizens while also trying to keep the wheels of their respective economies turning.

A significant part of this effort centers on how much or how little to “open up” communities – that is – the restrictions placed on access to public spaces, physical distancing, and mask policies where they exist. On this front, Canadians offer a patchwork of opinions depending on the province in which they live.

The latest data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds those in the four Atlantic provinces most satisfied with the coordinated approach in that region.

By contrast, those in British Columbia and Manitoba are most likely to say communities their province must be subject to tighter restrictions in order to keep COVID-19 spread down, while those in Alberta and Quebec are more likely to advocate for more relaxed restrictions.

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