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Edmonton football team’s decision to change name scores with most Canadians, but not with most CFL fans

After years of debate over the use of Indigenous names and imagery in sports, and amid threats from sponsors of withdrawn support, the Edmonton Canadian Football franchise will change its name.

Across the country, teams in varsity, minor, and professional leagueshave been doing the same in recent years. The latest study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds a majority of Canadians supportive of the decision.

But while 57 per cent of Canadians say dropping the name was the right choice, the same cannot be said for CFL fans. More than half of those who follow the league (55%) say the name should have stayed.

The issue generates division across a number of demographics. Men under 35 largely are onside with the franchise’s decision, while men 55 and over lean the other way. University-educated Canadians are overwhelmingly supportive compared to those with high school accreditation, who are divided evenly.

Perhaps most notably, Albertans are least likely in the country to say the right call was made; six-in-ten (58%) say the team called the wrong play on this matter.

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