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OPINION: Cyclists seeking to prove Darwin’s theory

The way 2020 has gone so far, I figure if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse came riding in, they’d take one look and leave again.

I saw one post on Facebook this past week which summed it up: “Anyone who said six months ago they knew exactly where they’d be at the beginning of August is lying.”

One thing that has not changed in Prince George, unfortunately, is the number of stupid people on the roads and sidewalks. This week, incredibly enough, the only drivers I can really talk about were a couple who were weaving in and out of traffic as though they were 10 minutes late for an important meeting because they spent an extra 15 minutes at home watching YouTube cat videos, and one I saw Saturday who seemed to figure the parking lot at Spruceland Mall was an extension of the Autobahn with no speed limit.

I did, however, see a couple of cyclists and a pedestrian who definitely seemed to be walking refutations of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

I was driving east on Fifth Avenue and crossed the Bypass and then passed a sign saying cyclists had to go to Eighth Avenue and not go down Fifth Avenue.

You guessed it.

A block later I passed someone riding his bicycle on Fifth Avenue with his dog trotting beside him on the road, so the helmetless cyclist was about halfway out into the traffic lane. Add to that the fact that when I passed him, it looked as though a) the dog was not on a leash and b) the rider was looking at his cellphone, and we had a recipe for disaster.

A few blocks later, still on Fifth Avenue with no bike lane to be seen (which some intelligent people might take as a hint you shouldn’t be riding on the road), I passed another cyclist, again with no helmet on, and this fellow was carrying a cup of coffee in one hand and some kind of sandwich in the other.

I don’t think that’s recommended safe cycling.

As for pedestrians, a couple of days before seeing those cyclists, I was driving on the Bypass near 22nd Avenue and saw a pedestrian cross the road to where the big fence was put up, walk down the median to the end of the fence, and then finish crossing the street.

Like I said, a walking refutation of Darwin.

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