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Tips to prevent human-wildlife conflicts in Prince George

Prince George’s geographic location between two rivers and with surrounding forests make it an ideal habitat for bears and other wildlife. It’s important for residents to take appropriate measures to ensure wildlife cannot easily access unnatural food sources like garbage or fruit.

Since the beginning of July, over 40 reports of food-conditioned animals have been submitted in Prince George to the BC Conservation Office. View all wildlife sightings or interaction reports at

Help prevent human-wildlife conflicts

Follow these bear-aware tips from spring to autumn:

  • Set your garbage cart at the curb between 4:00am and 7:00pm on collection days. Failing to follow this bylaw regulation can result in a $300 fine.
  • Lock your garbage cart in an enclosed structure like a garage or shed where possible. Secure your garbage cart with a locking mechanism such as a flat hook cam strap. Find more info at
  • Keep pets on leashes at all times along pet-friendly trails; bears can become aggressive if they mistake unleashed dogs for predators.
  • Avoid growing fruit-bearing trees or plants on your property and remove any ripe fruit and vegetables.
  • Feed pets indoors and remove bird feeders during the spring to autumn months.

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