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Authorities still monitoring debris flood on Mountain View Road near McBride

The debris flood incident on Mountain View Road at Willox Creek near McBride continues to be monitored and assessed by the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George in conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Emergency Management BC and other ministries.

Residents are reminded that hazards are still present in the evacuation order area. More debris events are probable, and they can be fast moving, volatile and unpredictable.

The regional district will be holding a meeting for residents who are under evacuation order as a result of the Willox Creek debris flood incident. The date is still to be determined and in the interim, the following questions and answers could be of assistance to affected residents:

What is the current situation?

The area around Willox Creek continues to be monitored very closely. Following the July 4 event, activity has continued to be reported. The hazard is still present and the area remains under evacuation order.

Through regular, ongoing monitoring, a 200m section of the upper channel of Willox Creek has been observed with fresh stress cracking indicating imminent collapse. Further, woody debris falling into the drainage channel is a high risk for blockages that can result in further flows. For residents’ safety, it is vitally important that they remain outside of the evacuation order area. Debris flows are dangerous, rapid moving events that occur with little to no warning.

When is Mountain View Road open?

Road openings and closures are determined by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. We understand they are monitoring conditions on and around the road 24 hours a day. The road is now open more frequently and for longer periods of time, but this is subject to change pending conditions or required construction activity. Check signage posted in the area for the schedule and information is also being updated on DriveBC (, under Major Events.

Are residents on the west side of Willox Creek still required to shelter in place?

Given the extended road openings, the residents on that side are no longer being asked to shelter in place. All residents along Mountain View Road are reminded that debris events are still possible and may occur with little or no warning. As a result, they should take whatever precautions and steps they need to prepare themselves in the event that access to or from their home is cut off suddenly.

My home is in the evacuation order area. Can I check on it, or retrieve belongings?

Given the continued risk in the area, the evacuation order remains in effect, meaning that access to homes in the area is not permitted. Traffic through Mountain View Road is guided by pilot car. No stopping in the evacuation order area is permitted.

This event is going on longer than I expected, and my temporary accommodations won’t be available much longer. Can the Regional District help?

Contact the Regional District at 250-960-4400 and advise you are a resident in the Mountain View Road area and require Emergency Support Services (ESS). We will discuss your particular situation and needs, and determine if support is available.

My home is in the evacuation order area, but I don’t think it’s at risk. Can the Regional District make an adjustment to the evacuation order area?

As part of our monitoring of the area, we have engaged engineers to assess the area and determine if it is safe to reduce the evacuation order area boundary. We expect that work will take some time.

Who will help me clean up my home in the evacuation order area?

Contact Emergency Services at Regional District at 250-960-4400 to discuss your particular situation and assistance which may be available from volunteer and faith-based organizations.

The water system at my residence is out of order, but I have been able to access water from the Village of McBride’s temporary potable water filling station. What will happen when the Village discontinues that service?

Outside of the municipal boundary of the Village of McBride, residents are responsible for their own private water supply and systems. The Regional District does not provide a water service in the area.

When the do not consume order is lifted for the Village of McBride, it is our understanding that their temporary potable water filling service will end, and Mountain View Road residents should be prepared to source their own supply of potable water. The Village of McBride would appreciate residents returning any water jugs provided to avoid incurring the $10 per bottle deposit fee.

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