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Unveiling some of the COVID Crazies

I want to start this week’s column with a new feature (if I can stretch that word’s meaning almost beyond recognition).

I’m calling it COVID Crazies, and it will be people I have seen in the past week or so who were acting in a rather interesting way as they dealt with the current pandemic.

Please note, these are individual people in Prince George, and not the people we see in larger centres in Canada and the U.S. who seem to look for any excuse to gather in large groups, then wonder why the number of COVID cases goes up a couple of weeks later.

Both my Crazies this week, as it turns out, were observed at Spruceland Shopping Centre. The first was a woman wearing a mask and talking on her cellphone as she walked right down the middle of the sidewalk in front of the stores. Makes it kind of difficult to practice social distancing, doesn’t it? But hey, she had a mask, so she was safe and other people aren’t her concern.

The other person was shopping at Save-On Foods, and had her cart with her for the groceries. As I passed by one of the aisles, I glanced down and saw her, with the cart sitting across the aisle while she perused the goods on the shelf in front of her. Again, pretty hard for anyone to use that aisle and practice social distancing with her and the cart taking up the full width.

That said, it’s obvious the vast majority of people in Prince George and the North as a whole are doing it right. As I write this Monday afternoon, it’s been more than three weeks since the last reported case of COVID-19 in the Northern Health region.

There are a lot of cities in Canada reporting more new cases each day than we’ve had since the pandemic began.

Yes, I know it’s a bit easier to practice social distancing in a region where your nearest neighbour might not be within shouting distance most of the time, but you still have to do it as a part of daily life.

Going out shopping? Practice social distancing, wear a mask (if you prefer), and observe the rules each store has in place for the safety of its customers and staff.

Over the past week or so, a lot of stores have started to move to the next phase of restarting. I’m not aware of any stores that have gone the full way back to where they were before COVID-19, but slowly but surely, we’re getting there.

Be safe out there, and don’t get overconfident.

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