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Unmasking the mask issue

It seems some local people are starting to feel that wearing a mask makes them a superhero. It makes them invulnerable.

That’s the only real explanation I can come up with for a couple of things I’ve seen over the past week or so as I did some shopping.

I was in the supermarket, and most people were still doing a good job of maintaining social distancing whenever possible. However, it seemed there were a few people who insisted on pushing their cart right down the middle of the aisle, making it almost impossible to get six feet away from them.

After seeing this a few times, I realized something most of these people had in common: They were wearing a mask.

I’m guessing they felt wearing the mask meant they couldn’t get COVID-19 from other people, so they didn’t have to worry about keeping their distance.

Either that, or they’re just insensitive morons who don’t care about other people.

The other instance of someone with a mask seeming to feel taking that precaution meant they didn’t have to worry about other safety measures happened at Books & Company.

They have a very straightforward procedure at the store these days. When you get there, you phone and let them know which door you’re at. One of the staff comes and lets you in, with a request that you go to one of the washrooms at the back and wash your hands before doing anything else.

I was at the store a few days ago, and called to be let in. As I was being let in and received my washing instructions, I noticed a woman coming up the sidewalk wearing a mask.

The staff member continued to hold the door open, and she came in a few seconds behind me.

I went straight to one of the washrooms and started washing my hands. A few seconds later, the woman who had been behind me entered the other washroom.

I was washing my hands and hadn’t reached 20 seconds yet, when I heard the water in the other washroom stop running and then I heard the woman leaving the washroom.

I was just finishing my 20 seconds of washing my hands when she left. It occurred to me that she was concerned enough about COVID-19 to be wearing a mask, but not concerned enough to wash her hands for the recommended 20 seconds.

I wasn’t aware there were different levels of cleanliness when it came to COVID-19, but apparently there are.

After that incident, I’ve decided I’m going to continue practicing the procedures I have been using.

If other people don’t, I wash my hands of worrying about it.

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