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When the crows come cawing

I half-expected to be passed by a portly Englishman wishing me a “Good ev-uh-ning.”

Last Tuesday, I went through something which felt like something out of The Birds, and so I would not have been surprised to have found Alfred Hitchcock joining me on my walk.

I was at the CFIS office on 15th Avenue, doing the Morning Citizen and updating the weather at 5 a.m. (Yes, I am nuts for being up at that time. Thanks for noticing.)

I finished a couple of other jobs, and still had a couple of hours before hosting After Nine, so I decided to go for a walk. I headed down 15th to Carney, turned on Carney and walked to 10th, and that was where things got a little weird.

As I was walking west on 10th, right around Douglas Street, I suddenly heard a caw and saw a crow come off the overhead wires in my direction. It passed a few feet over my head, turned and headed back to perch on the wire.

I continued walking. Another caw, another dive, this time a bit closer, and again the bird went back to the wire.

I continued walking (I’m a slow learner). Caw, dive (a fair bit closer), and back to the wire.

By now I was getting close to Ewert Street, so I decided to head south on Ewert, for two reasons. First, I figured maybe there was a reason the bird didn’t like me walking on 10th. Second, I noticed there were no overhead wires on Ewert, so the bird couldn’t continue its same pattern of terror bombing.

I got maybe 50 feet down Ewert, and here it came again. Caw, dive (this time a bit further away again), and then back to 10th Avenue to the wire.

From there, I got back to the studio with no more interference.

I mentioned the event to a couple of people over the next couple of days, and they had a couple of possibilities for the crow’s actions. One suggested there was a nest in the area, and the bird was trying to scare me off.

Another thought there may have actually been an injured bird in the vicinity, and the crow was trying to protect it from me.

Me? I was just happy to get back to the studio without being clawed, or dive-bombed by another substance birds have been known to drop.

What do you think about this story?