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Rio Tinto responds to Saik’uz and Stellat’en case

Rio Tinto has issued a brief statement regarding the ongoing court case against it launched by the Saik’uz and Stellat’en First Nations to save the Nechako River and its fisheries.

The case centres around the impacts of the construction and operation of the Kenney Dam on the Nechako River and Saik’uz and Stellat’en’s constitutionally protected Aboriginal rights, including fisheries on the River. Earlier this week the Saik’uz and Stallat’en wrapped up their testimony in the case.

“Rio Tinto prefers to work in partnership with First Nations groups to build relationships that are mutually beneficial. Rio Tinto has, on a number of occasions, sought to find ways to resolve this issue without proceeding to court hearings,” according to the statement. “Rio Tinto has always, and will continue to operate, with all of the required permits and approvals under applicable laws, including a 1987 tripartite agreement with the Canada and British Columbia governments that ensures protective flows for fish.  Rio Tinto cannot comment further on this case while it is before the courts.”

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