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Two hundred fifty jugs of hand sanitizer sent to non-profits across northern B.C.

The demand for hand sanitizer has increased dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in an acute shortage in supply and many non-profit agencies working on the frontline to help support the most vulnerable are at much higher risk of getting infected. To help and support these agencies to continue to offer the critical services, UWNBC and PWB have joined together to provide them with 250 four-litre jugs of hand sanitizer. This will aid in keeping both the agency staff and their clients safe at this precarious time.

“When we began our outreach across the region, hand sanitizer was the most identified supply need to help critical programs and services continue operations,” said Trista Spencer, Executive Director, UWNBC. “We are incredibly grateful for the partnership with PWB and their extraordinary generosity to help northern B.C. stay safe.”

“When this pandemic hit our region it was very evident that support was not going to come from anywhere but from within our community, this is when we decided that we had to help. Our goal was not only to reach out to as many non-profit organizations within Prince George but also within northern BC, this is where the United Way of Northern BC comes in. With their reach into municipalities and First Nations communities across Northern BC it was a perfect match,” said Cindy Hartford, Plant Manager, Pacific Western Brewing.

UWNBC is tirelessly working on collaborating with corporates and community partners to ensure that the emerging needs of the communities across Northern BC are met and the help is made available to those who need it now more than ever.

She expressed gratitude to ICBC, Finning, Papason Trucking Ltd., and Pepsico Foods Canada for extending their support to deliver the sanitizers to non-profit/charity organizations across the northern region.

For a list of all the agencies UWNBC has supported in the course of this pandemic, please click here.

For more information go to our website or contact us via phone at 250-561-1040 or via email at

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