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BC Hemp announces plans to build bioethanol plant, bio-fuels facility, and ethylene plant in Prince George

Remi Balaj, BC Hemp president

The 300-acre site in the BCR Industrial Site that West Coast Olefins abandoned when it decided to relocate to McLeod Lake didn’t stay out of the development picture for long.

BC Hemp secured the site today and plans to build a $2 billion bioethanol plant on the property, according to BC Hemp president Remi Balaj. He announced the plant on a BC Resources Coalition Facebook livestream.

He said they will use hemp stock extract to produce medical and industrial grade ethanol. He added they plan to build one million square feet of greenhouses and 40 megawatt power generation plant.

He added they are also looking a $1 billion biofuels plant using grains.

Earlier this year the company announced a $350 million hemp production project. Balaj said they will break ground on a 300-acre site at Old Cariboo Highway and Johnson Road for that project. The company has also taken over the old Richie Brothers site at the corner of Old Cariboo Highway and Highway 16.

He said all the projects they are working on developing total about $15 billion and would create 12,000 jobs in the Prince George area.

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