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Some people just not getting the physical distancing thing

On Saturday, I was out and about a bit and ended up with a couple of things to pick up at Spruceland Shopping Centre.

While I was driving there and at the mall, I noticed a few things that made me suspect there may be a retightening of the COVID-19 regulations, because some people obviously don’t get it. The provincial government announced last week they were loosening things up a bit, and some people apparently decided that meant they were now free to going back to their old stupid ways.

At Save-On Foods, for instance, I saw a couple of people push their cart to the end of one of the aisles, then leave it sitting right across the aisle while they went off somewhere else to pick something up.

So they’re making it almost impossible for anyone coming down the aisle to get by, and since their cart was usually parked about a foot away from the entrance to the aisle, it also made it very difficult for anyone to get by using the crosslane.

There was also one person who parked their cart on one side of the aisle, then backed up to the other side of the aisle to see if they could find what they were looking for.

Again, doing that effectively blocks the aisle for anyone intelligent enough to be trying to maintain social distancing.

I try to make a point, when I’m in larger stores and come to the end of an aisle, to pause for a second and make sure I’m not going to be walking right into someone coming crosswise to me. I see enough other people doing the same thing so that I know it’s not just a strange habit I have.

And then I see other people who come blindly charging out of the aisle, not bothering to see if anyone is coming. What I love is when I see one of these people wearing a mask, because that means they have some concerns about COVID-19, but apparently not enough concerns to be intelligent about it.

While I was in the parking lot, I also saw a Blacktop Blockhead of a breed most common at this time of the year. You’ve probably seen them too, the person who drives straight through the parking lots, not worrying about where the lane markings and parking spots are. They know what parking spot they want, and they know the shortest way to get there is to drive in a straight line, which they do.

It’s even more noticeable at Spruceland right now, because all the lines in the parking lot have been repainted. I’ve sometimes wondered what would happen if there was an ‘incident’ while someone was driving like that. I suspect the traffic laws apply even in parking lots, so if you’re not observing the lanes where traffic is supposed to be, you would be in the wrong.

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