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Rooftop Rock concert moved from Canadian Tire to CN Centre

The date is set, but the location is changing. Saturday May 23 will feature the first of its kind for Canada – a drive-in concert experience, now set to be held on the roof of CN Centre at Exhibition Park. Previously planned for the rooftop of Prince George’s Canadian Tire, event organizers have made the decision of a location change to accommodate a greater than anticipated interest and to enhance physical distancing procedures.

 “We are super excited for this Saturday’s event and apparently so are a heck of a lot more people than we originally anticipated,” said Kyle Sampson, event organizer. “When we started planning this thing, we figured we would see a couple hundred cars in the parking lot at best, but what we are now realizing is that we could see significantly more than that – so we need to be adequately prepared.”

Public safety, as well as adhering to all regulations and requirements set by the government and health officials is a top priority, said Sampson.

“Of course, this event should be fun and exciting, and all of us are certainly excited – but safety is number one,” he said. “What we are doing is new, it is innovative, and it is finally some form of normalcy for music lovers, and I think people are really excited to get out of the house and enjoy some rock n’ roll. By moving to Exhibition Park, we are provided with a much, much bigger lot, which can accommodate more than double the original number of vehicles, all while maintaining greater physical distancing between cars. It was a no brainer when we got down to it.”

Vehicles will be parked in a checker-board type pattern leaving every other space empty. The row behind each vehicle will be staggered from the one in front, providing patrons with the best view possible of Studio 720, who will be playing from the roof of CN Centre. Despite enhanced spacing, patrons will still be required to stay in their vehicle and must follow all laws and health orders that are in place.

The event is being offered free of charge thanks to Kyle Sampson Productions and the partnering organizations. However, organizers are asking patrons and at-home viewers to open their wallets and give within their means to the selected beneficiary – Wheelin’ Warriors of the North.

Selen Alpay of Canadian Tire is still on-board as a partner in the event, the only change is that the event has moved sites and is able to accommodate more people.

“Although we were extremely excited to host this event on our rooftop, when it comes down to it, it’s not about us, it is about providing the best and most innovative event we can for the people of Prince George,” said Alpay. “Kyle and I looked at all options over the weekend and given the tremendous public response we’ve seen so far; we saw no other choice but to move to bigger location. It’s all about opening the event up to as many people as possible, in the safest way possible. The parking lot at Exhibition Park provides more space – which means more cars can fit, with greater physical distancing between patrons. We’re excited by this big step, and we’re excited to be breaking ground in the entertainment industry.”

Donations from the event are being accepted here:

For those who are unable to attend the event in person at Exhibition Park, a live stream will be offered online at

The evening is set to feature some of Prince George’s finest in local music. Studio 720, a local hard rock band, will be playing a variety of classic covers, mixed with a number of originals. The band recently launched their newest LP titled “Smokes, Let’s Go” which is available now on all streaming platforms.

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