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Transfer stations a mess on the weekend as garbage piled high and deep

It was a challenging weekend for regional district staff as they tried to keep up with the volume of garbage being dumped at local transfer stations. If the bins are full, garbage is often simply piled around the bins.

These photos are from the Miworth Transfer Station over the weekend. The bins here get hauled every day and there is regular clean up done by regional district staff and contractors.

The regional district is reminding people to reduce or eliminate unnecessary trips to landfills and transfer stations. If waste does not require immediate disposal (ie food waste or an animal attractant) people are asked to consider holding onto it for a time, or make arrangements to take waste to waste disposal facilities at non-peak times during the week. If there are recyclable items in your load, there may be other options for disposal. Appliances, metal, cardboard and electronics do not have to be landfilled. Contact for info on what items can be taken where.

Keeping our sites open and safe during COVID-19 is a challenge and the regional district asks for your patience and cooperation. That means if you arrive at a transfer station and the bins are full, please do not dump your waste around the bins. Remember, transfer stations are for household garbage only. Large items and recyclable items cannot be disposed of there.

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