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Ready to drive to Ottawa and get to work

MP Bob Zimmer speaks during April 20 House of Commons sitting.


Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP

In the weeks since Parliament was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Opposition has repeatedly demonstrated how debate, discussion and opportunities to question the Prime Minister and Ministers in the House of Commons can improve government programs and policies.

I continue to believe that frequent accountability sessions in Parliament will get better results for Canadians during these unprecedented times, which is why I made the decision to drive 4,200 kilometres from Fort St. John to Ottawa to sit in the House of Commons on April 20 for the first regular sitting since Parliament was suspended.

It was an honour to stand in the House of Commons once again and to call on the government to listen to leaders in our northern communities and to make changes to emergency economic measures so that our businesses have a fighting chance to survive. 

Canadian lives and livelihoods literally depend on the government getting their response to the pandemic right, which is why the Official Opposition has proposed, and will continue to propose, a number of constructive solutions to help those affected by COVID-19.

On April 20, the House of Commons passed a motion setting out a sitting schedule for the coming weeks. The House of Commons will now meet virtually on Tuesdays and in person with a reduced number of MPs on Wednesdays. Starting May 7, the House of Commons will also meet virtually on Thursdays.

 While I am now back in Fort St. John, I believe democracy is best served in person which is why it will be my honour to turn around and make the drive to Ottawa again whenever it is necessary.

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