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Notes on a pandemic – part two

Drove by a local church this morning and I don’t think they could have gotten another car in the parking lot.

Not sure what was going on (likely a funeral), but if everyone who parked in the lot was in the church there couldn’t have been any social distancing going on. Just sayin’.

• • •

City council will decide on Thursday how to deal with an approximate $1 million/month shortfall in the budget. Last week council directed staff to come back with a couple of scenarios … a less than two per cent budget increase or a less than one per cent budget increase.

Given that the original budget increase was slated to be 3.44 per cent, both are better options for the taxpayer. Councillors Kyle Sampson, Brian Skakun, Terri McConnachie pushed, although not too hard, have no tax increase this year.

That would be nice, however, they all missed the point. Staff should have been tasked with bringing back an option, even temporarily, whereby the city doesn’t keep going into the red each month.

• • •

To all my American friends, a sobering statistic: The COVID-19 pandemic has now killed more Americans than the entire Vietnam War.

And again, to all my American friends: You should be asking why one-quarter of the deaths worldwide are in the United States. No, seriously, ask your health officials and your leaders why that is the case. While China may yet be held responsible for kicking this whole thing off, U.S. officials are still responsible for what happened in that country when it jumped the pond.

• • •

To all those who feel the need to show their disdain for physical distancing and social isolation restrictions by gathering in large groups to protest (I particularly like the ones wearing surgical masks to the demonstrations): Maybe you should go down to the local hospital and volunteer to be exposed to the virus since you think the health measures put in place to protect all of us are unnecessary. And once again to my American friends (if I have any left by now); why do you need to have an assault rifle strapped to your chest to protest regulations designed to help you avoid an untimely and sudden death?

Johnny Cash said it best:

Don’t take your guns to town, son

Leave your guns at home, Bill

Don’t take your guns to town

• • •

Kudos to the United Way of Northern B.C. which, through its COVID-19 Relief Fund, has handed out $128,000 to northern B.C. organizations. The sad part is they had requests for eight times the amount they could give out.

• • •

On the good news front: B.C.’s testing COVID-19 strategy has been expanded to include anyone with cold, influenza or COVID-19-like symptoms, however mild.

• • •

As we move towards opening things back up again, I just hope we aren’t moving too quickly. As any boxer will tell you, it’s when you think you have your opponent on the ropes that a haymaker can come out of nowhere and deliver a KO punch. Keep your guard up until the bell rings.

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