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Wheelin’ Warriors of the North sidelined by Ride to Conquer Cancer cancellation

Your new best friends - The Wheelin' Warriors of the North

It’s disheartening to see an event that has raised so much money to fight disease has been halted by a different disease.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in Provincial Medical Health Officer Bonnie Henry ordering halt to major events this summer … including the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

That cancellation means that close to 100 members of the Wheelin’ Warriors of the North, who were looking pass the $1 million milestone in terms of overall money raised, will be setting their sights on 2021.

“I am encouraging everyone to stay active, get outdoors, ride if possible (observing social distancing of course),” said Karin Piche of the Wheelin’ Warriors of the Norther. “I believe that we all have the best interests of our community at the core and will do whatever it takes to keep everyone healthy and safe.”

The Wheelin’ Warriors of the North has already cancelled one of its biggest fundraising events, the gala, which was scheduled for this Saturday.

“Funds from the gala went a long way in supporting many riders get to their $2,500 minimum goal and the start line at the end of August,” Piche said. “The gala postponement has impacted this greatly. It was my hope that we could still proceed with our major fundraiser at a later date, however, that does not seem to be the case.”

This year’s gala was going to be an eventful one with Mayor Lynn Hall, who was a support person last year, and Sarah Roth, the CEO and President of the BC Cancer Foundation were both scheduled to be guest speakers.

On March 24, our 2020 team total funds raised to date was $39,702  bringing the overall total over the past eight years to $996,106. As of April 20, was sitting at $997,702.

You can see that fundraising has pretty much halted,” said Piche. “People are reluctant to ask for donations as so many have been hit hard financially, this goes for our gala donations as well. I had projected that this year’s gala, which would have taken place this coming weekend, to raise between $80-90,000, up from last year’s $70,000 … We most certainly would have been celebrating our $1 million dollar year. A milestone that the entire community, team members, sponsors, supporters and myself were looking forward to.”

There is some good news for riders who have been working hard to raise their $2,500 for this year’s ride. Funds raised to date have already been utilized, which means that they will carry over the total amount raised and they won’t have to start all over from $0 for 2021. Riders can continue to fund raise if they so wish.

“I want to remain positive,” Piche said. “I think we all understand these are very challenging times.”

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