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School district fields and courts open; playgrounds are closed

School district fields and courts remain open to the public, while playgrounds were closed on March 23 as a health and safety measure. Playgrounds will remain closed until further notice.

School District No. 57 is reminding community members about the importance of following the Provincial Health Officer’s COVID-19 social distancing strategy while using fields and courts on district property.

“The risk is COVID-19 living on the hard surface of the playground equipment and potentially transmitting the virus,” said SD 57 Superintendent Anita Richardson, in a news release. “Our fields and grounds remain open for use and we hope that individuals choosing to spend time on our grounds choose to do so safely abiding by the directives of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO). Our message to parents and community is that we encourage time spent outside that is in compliance with the PHO’s guidelines. We hope that school-aged children are reminded of the risks and encouraged to employ safe COVID-19 practices both at home and outdoors.”

Dr. Bonnie Henry stated last month that kids mingling together on playgrounds is “not what we need right now” and encouraged the public to practice social distancing while spending time outdoors. SD 57 fields and courts remain open to support this direction for public enjoyment of the outdoors while observing social distancing.

“We need to go outside with our close family, with our small groups,” Dr. Henry said. “We are not to be outside in (large) groups, we are not to be playing basketball, we’re not to be out sitting together in large groups… because when we’re out in groups like that the chances are somebody will be exposed to this virus and we’ll bring it home to our family and our communities, and that is what is going to spread the virus.”

In proper social distancing, at least two metres of space should be kept between individuals at all times.

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