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What to do when you’re not hallucinating

Day 154 of self-isolation (or maybe Day 12. They’re starting to blur together.)

I came out of my bedroom and found an elephant in the hallway of my apartment. I blinked a couple of times, and took a closer look.

It wasn’t pink, so it wasn’t a hallucination.

I asked how it got in, since I hadn’t heard anyone open the door. It told me it had come through the balcony window, which made sense.

I wasn’t too worried about this elephant being in my apartment for very long, because I could see it had already packed its trunk.

Now that I’ve got that lousy joke out of the way, we will proceed.

It’s good to know there are some things in Prince George, even in the middle of COVID-19 self-isolation. I’ve started taking a couple of walks every day, varying lengths and varying directions from my apartment, and I’ve noticed a few things.

There are starting to be more bicycles in evidence. Please note I didn’t say more bicycles on the road, because, this being Prince George, a lot of them are on the sidewalks.

I saw one of my favourite “You’ve gotta be kidding me” moments, which I will probably keep seeing all summer. A dad and child out for a bike ride (on the sidewalk, of course). They were keeping a few feet apart, which was good. The kid was wearing a helmet, which was good. Dad wasn’t, which wasn’t good. Teaches the kid to “Do what I say, not what I do.”

On my walk Saturday evening (at least I think it was Saturday, It may have been two weeks ago), I passed a fair number of people also out for walks. Every person I saw that day had a dog or two with them. All the dogs were on leashes, and most of them seemed to be really enjoying the chance to get outside.

I’ve also found it kind of funny to see where the snow and ice has melted on the sidewalks and where it hasn’t. Most of the sidewalks I have to be careful on are on the south side of the street, and usually in the shade of either trees or houses. But even those areas are starting to show more pavement almost every day, and if the forecast for this week is accurate, almost all the snow should be gone by next weekend.

Oh, I know there are a few real heaps in some yards that may not melt until August, but most of it should be gone in the next few days – and then it will feel a little more like spring.

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