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COVID-19: By the numbers (April 7); new orders; and useful information

The COVID-19 situation in British Columbia is continually evolving and the information below is current as of 3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.


* Total confirmed cases in B.C.: 1,291

* New cases since April 6, 2020: 25

* Hospitalized cases: 138

* Intensive care: 66

* COVID-19 related deaths: 43

* Recovered: 805

* Long-term care and assisted living homes currently affected: 21

Confirmed cases by region:

* Vancouver Coastal Health: 603

* Fraser Health: 458

* Island Health: 79

* Interior Health: 128

* Northern Health: 23

New provincial advice and measures:

* NEW: To support vulnerable British Columbians who need a place to self-isolate and to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Province is partnering with local governments, non-profits and the hotel industry:

* NEW: Recommendations for all farms to meet orders, notices and guidance issued by the provincial health officer and additional mandatory requirements for farms employing temporary foreign workers and domestic workers:

* Office of the Provincial Health Officer COVID-19 Ethical Decision-Making Framework:

* Latest COVID-19 updates and statements:

* Critical care and acute care hospitalization modelling information:

New travel/federal measures:

* NEW: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces production of more medical supplies and equipment in Canada:

* NEW: Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health Communication: Use of Non-Medical Masks (or Facial Coverings) by the Public:

* NEW: Government of Canada is investing $3 million in several organizations through the Digital Citizen Initiative’s Digital Citizen Contribution Program. Funding will help combat false and misleading COVID-19 information, as well as the racism and stigmatization that are often the result:

* For Government of Canada COVID-19 travel advice:


* For provincial support and COVID-19 information:

* For seniors looking for additional support at this time, call 211 or visit:

* For information for Indigenous peoples in B.C., visit:

* If you or a family member need additional medical advice, call 811.


* 50,350 individuals have been tested as of April 6, 2020

* If symptoms appear, check your symptoms online:
* If needed, call your health-care provider or 811 for further guidance.

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