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School district offers call-in line for Kelly Road school naming feedback

School Board chair Tim Bennett.

School District 57 is offering another way for residents to give feedback on renaming Kelly Road Secondary School.

Two weeks ago the district launched questionnaire, online and paper, to garner feedback. The questionnaire was to complement a series of six “face-to-face table-top” meetings, which have subsequently been cancelled due to physical distancing regulations.

Now, the district is offering a call-in service for those who may not have access to an online format.

“The school district is dedicated to making the KRSS engagement process as transparent and accessible as possible, given these very challenging circumstances,” said Tim Bennett, SD57 Board Chair. “We have two weeks left to hear from the public, and we would like to ensure we hear from as many interested parties as possible.”

The board of education unleashed a fury of dissension earlier this year when it made the decision preserve the past, with the Lheidli T’enneh name Shas Ti, and present, Kelly Road, in the new school building, opening September 2020. The decision sparked protests at the school and at the board office.

To date, almost 1,700 people have completed the 12-minute questionnaire both online and through a downloadable, mail-in option, according to the district.

SD57 has set up two dedicated phone lines to receive feedback while employees guide respondents through the questions and record the feedback into the online form. The numbers are: 250-552-0993 and 250-640-0605 and are available on working days from April 6-17, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Only those who have not yet completed the questionnaire are invited to submit their input this way. The online and mail-in methods for submission are also still available.

The questionnaire will close on April 17 and, according to the district, cannot be delayed due to building construction timelines. Feedback from the questionnaire will be shared with School District 57 board at the public meeting on April 28.

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