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COVID-19: Transit making service changes in Prince George

BC Transit and the City of Prince George are changing transit services in response to COVID-19, starting March 29.

The service changes also take into account having sufficient service to allow for physical distancing while traveling on public transit in BC Transit communities.

BC Transit and the City of Prince George will be implementing summer level of service starting Sunday, March 29. These changes focus on reducing service to schools and post-secondary institutions, meaning the trips with a ‘X’ and ‘U’ note beside them will be removed from service.

The changes will include:

  • Discontinuing service on the 12 Parkridge, 17 UNBC, 18 Spruceland, 96 Kelly, and 97 Kelly
  • Reducing frequency and removing late night trips on the 15 UNBC/Downtown
  • Reducing frequency on the 55 Victoria

BC Transit continues to work hard to provide transportation services you can rely on to get to work, including health care facilities, and other essential activities such as grocery shopping and getting prescriptions at pharmacies.

BC Transit will continue to monitor the COVID-19 response, and implements plans as appropriate.

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