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Self-isolating … an introvert’s dream

So it turns out I’ve been ‘self-isolating’ for years to a large extent, and I always just thought I was trying to avoid people.

I’ve never been much of a party person, so being told to stay in as much as possible has not been a big deal for me. What I have had to do is get out for more walks than I had been doing, since I’m not doing as much general walking around as I usually do.

Walking around my subdivision over the last few days, I have noticed a number of things that I wouldn’t have noticed in my car.

For instance, taking a few seconds anytime I pass another walker to stop (at a safe distance) and chat. One woman I passed was out walking her dog, and I noticed as soon as we started chatting, the dog just lay right down. I suspect it was happy to get a break.

I saw another woman jogging with two dogs on leashes. They cut across a boulevard just before they passed me, with one of the dogs deciding to go the ‘wrong’ way around a lamp post. The woman hauled back on the leash to avoid disaster, and when I said something about it, she acknowledged it had happened a couple of times before.

It’s also been kind of fun seeing how many people still have their Christmas decorations up. I’m not talking about lights, where they might be waiting for the snow to melt before getting out the ladder and taking them down.

I’m talking about a couple of places where they still have the cardboard Santa out in the yard. It’s getting a bit late in the year for that, people.

I also passed a small cardboard sign stapled to a power pole last week. It read, quite simply, “Found: dentures” with a phone number. I looked at that as I passed, and couldn’t help thinking about what the story behind it might be the rest of the way home.

A story I could really get my teeth into, I guess.

OK, that was a bad one.

Just about time for another walk. If you get the chance, take a walk. The weather is perfect for it, and if you do pass other people, it’s easy to keep a social distance as you pass.

What do you think about this story?