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City to borrow $2.8 million for equipment upgrades

Twenty-eight is a far cry from the 5,846 signatures needed for the city to rethink borrowing $2.8 million.

An alternate approval process for the borrowing garnered just 28 responses, allowing the city to borrow the money, which will be used to replace equipment. Last year council came under fire for borrowing $32 million for 11 capital projects. Alternate approval drives against the borrowing for those projects also came up short.

The latest borrowing bylaw assumes an interest rate of three per cent which would result in annual debt servicing costs of $327,399. In terms of tax levy implications, annual debt servicing costs of $327,399 would result in 0.30 per cent of future tax levy increases. The timing of when these costs would impact the levy depends on when the work is completed and the funds are borrowed, but it is expected that these costs will impact the 2021 tax year levy.

The approved projects include:

  • Mobile Equipment Replacement $2,312,000
  • Civic Facilities General Maintenance Van $70,000
  • 3208 – Janitorial Equipment – Replace Floor Scrubbers $43,500
  • 3295 – Parks Water Truck $300,000
  • 3304 – Fire Services Rescue Watercraft $35,000
  • 3305 – Fire Services Wildland Rescue Utility Vehicle $65,000

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