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COVID-19: McBride asks visitors to stay at home

Going snowmobiling might sound like a great social-distancing activity. And it probably is.

However, too many snowmobilers and nature enthusiasts are descending on McBride prompting that village to “respectfully request” visitors to stay home.

Village council, like many leaders throughout the world, are making this extraordinary request in an effort to limit the spread COVID-19.

“We are a highway community and we saw this past weekend many out-of-town visitors,” said Mayor Gene Runtz. “We really need people to stay home, to not visit friends and family here. It is time for everyone to do their part to protect each other. The simplest thing you can do to keep McBride safe is stay away for now.

McBride’s snowmobile club will not be grooming local trails in an effort to discourage visitors. McBride council is heeding the advice of the province’s health professionals and ask that McBride residents practice social distancing or self-isolate during this crisis.

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