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Spruce Kings rehire Jason Garneau as assistant coach

The Spruce Kings have rehired Jason Garneau as assistant coach, while Colin Minardi has decided to step down from his role as assistant coach.

“I am obviously very familiar with Jason and know exactly what he can bring to the coaching staff,” said GM Mike Hawes, in a news release. “We are all excited that he is rejoining the team and looking forward to the experience and expertise he will provide to the staff and players”.

Garneau will resume his previous role that he had with the Spruce Kings.

“ Jason will resume the same role with us that he previously had where he will be at all practices, all home games and will make some road trips. We will be hiring another full time assistant coach prior to next season,” said Hawes.

Minardi will be stepping down from his role as assistant coach. He joined the staff in mid October of 2019.

“Colin was a huge asset for our team last season. He came into a tough situation because he joined us part way throughout the year but he was able to get up to speed quickly and really became a good support person for Alex and the players,” said Hawes.

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