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COVID-19 hits sports fans and sports community

The last week has been a very different one for me. As most of you probably know, I am a real sports fan. I love baseball, but I enjoy watching, listening to or reading about almost any sport.

With COVID-19 playing havoc with life around the world in a lot of ways, sports seems to have been especially hard-hit. Almost every professional league in North America and Europe has either postponed events or outright cancelled them.

We here in Prince George, of course, have seen it affect us in a number of ways, from the cancellation of the World Women’s Curling Championship and the Western Canadian Ringette Championships to the premature end to the season for the Prince George Cougars and the BCHL playoffs.

Talking to a number of people last week about the curling, and some of them argued that the teams were already here, so why not play the games without fans. After all, they were being televised, so fans could still follow the action if they wanted.

As I understand it, the biggest concern some of the teams had was whether they would be able to get back home after the event, with more governments and airlines prohibiting international flights on a daily basis it seemed.

I have also seen on Facebook posts from some local people who were at events in other parts of the world and left early for the same reason, so they could get back to Prince George before the skies were closed.

Entertainment has also been hit, with a number of major events scheduled for Prince George in the coming months being postponed. Most of the promoters of these events have made it clear the event is not being cancelled, merely postponed until a more suitable date can be found.

However, there are still a lot of things people can do for entertainment, whether in sports or entertainment itself.

Many smaller venues in the city are still holding concerts, and since a lot of these concerts feature local performers, going to them helps the local economy in a couple of ways.

Likewise, getting a few friends together for a game of shinny at the local outdoor rink, or just going for a walk, are good ways to get some more exercise than many sports fans do sitting in front of the TV set all winter.

Be safe, wash your hands, and figure out ways to continue living life the way you want.

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