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Great tunes, great cause – Music for Kordyban Lodge goes Friday

Looking for something fun to do Friday night? Something that involves great local music? Looking for some way to help a local organization that helps about 800 people a year who are dealing with cancer?

You can do it all in one spot Friday at Music for Kordyban Lodge at Buskers Rock Merch and Venue.

The event is part of Christina Doll’s fundraising efforts for the Climb for Cancer which, in turn, raises money for the Kordyban Lodge.

“I wanted to step up my fundraising game this year and I was talking to Steve (Baker) about how he and Sandra (Cardenas) raise money by putting on performances,” she said. “I thought it would be really great if I could do something like that, but I can’t. He and Sandra graciously volunteered their time for this fundraiser.”

Baker also teaches the Prince George Senior Secondary School of Rock, so he asked a few students if they wanted to perform and they jumped at the chance.

Music for Kordyban Lodge, a night of great music and good times, was born.

They chose Buskers because it is an all-ages venue and students will be performing. The venue is still licensed, so there will be drinks served, but kids will be allowed.

“It’s a small venue so it’s not going to be a crazy big rock show, but it will be nice, easy listening music and you can get up and enjoy some dancing as well,” Doll said.

The Brink Group of Companies has signed on a sponsor meaning that it will be a ‘cost neutral’ event for Doll so all the money raised goes to the Kordyban Lodge. Buskers is going to donate half of their tips to the cause as well.

If the event sells out, it could raise $1,200, but Doll says she will be happy with whatever the event raises.

“The cause is a really good one,” she said. “The Kordyban Lodge provides a home away from home for people who have to travel to Prince George for cancer treatment. It’s already stressful enough to be away from home, but then to have to worry about the additional cost of accommodation … Kordyban Lodge takes care of that.”

The Kordyban Lodge provides nutritious meals, easy access to cancer information, and 24-hour support from staff. They serve about 800 people every year.

She has participated in the Climb for Cancer twice. This year it will be held April 18. The Kordyban Lodge has operating costs of about $1 million per year. This year the Climb for Cancer is looking to raise $75,000 to help with those costs. Last year the Climb raised $60,000.

“Help us ensure the Kordyban Lodge can continue providing compassionate care to cancer patients and their families during a very difficult time,” she said.

Doors: 7:30 pm

Music: 8:00 pm

Tickets: $15 (available at Buskers and at the door)

If you can’t make it to the event but want to donate, you can do so here: You can register for the Climb for Cancer here:

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