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Fourteen protestors arrested Monday for blocking tracks at New Hazelton

On Monday the RCMP were called to assist Canadian National (CN) Police Service after at least two dozen protesters had blockaded the CN Rail tracks west of New Hazelton. One train reportedly had a near miss collision with a man on the tracks, just prior to CN Rail being made aware of the blockade.

At the request of CN Rail to enforce their court-ordered injunction, the RCMP attended and arrested a total of 14 individuals who refused to leave CN Rail’s private property (rail tracks). They were transported to New Hazelton RCMP detachment for processing and released shortly after 3 a.m. with an upcoming court date, and conditions to abide by the injunction order.

A large group of protesters remained in the area throughout the evening, and blocked Highway 16. RCMP and CN Police officers, as well as the Division Liaison Team, were on site. Late into the evening, before midnight, police officers noted that four patrol cars parked across from the highway had their tires slashed. The RCMP are investigating.

At approximately 3:30 a.m., after the arrested protesters were released, the large group blockading Highway 16 cleared the road and the highway was re-opened.

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